My keybindings are gone?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Mon Jun 24 02:13:47 MDT 2013

Another linux question.

So here's the deal.
When I first got this laptop I wiped the windows 8 junk on it and threw
lubuntu on it.
My keybindings worked as expected which is to say volume up and down
adjusted system volume and the windows meta-key would pop the system menu
in the left hand corner.

There was a hardware failure a month or two ago with the wireless nic so I
had to restore Windows 8 and send it back to HP for repairs.

They fixed it or replaced the nic or something (same computer came back and
now wireless works again so whatever).  Anyways I really hate windows 8 and
so I downloaded Linux Mint to give it a shot for no reason other than I
like to explore distros from time to time.

Cinnamon does not work with this computer, no matter what I try to do and
to top it off I had one heck of a fight just getting linux re-installed.

It seems HP updated the bios and put in trusted boot + UEFI or whatever.
Long story short I got the latest version of linux mint installed after an
18+ hour struggle only to find out that whatever cinnamon is using to draw
to the screen doesn't function well with this chipset (AMD + ATI, I tried
the open source driver which sorta worked and the flgrx drivers which
didn't work at all).  The best I got was just alright but had artifacts all
over the place.  However I did verify that all of my keybindings were
working correctly.

Rather than keep fighting it I just did an apt-get install
lubuntu-desktop.  That worked the first time.  Let me just say that I love
LXDE it's light and it's fast and does it's job without getting in my way
or deciding to present some random learning curve.

However none of my keybindings work.

The windows meta-key doesn't pop the system menu and the volume keys aren't
I looked through this but I'm still
not sure what the magic incantion needs to look like to get it to pop the
system menu.  I did manage to verify that meta+d will show me the desktop,
so the key is functioning at least.

I've also been able to get the rest of the keybindings to work except the
volume and windows meta key ones.  Anyone have any ideas on what this needs
to look like?

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