$10 Million will buy a Quantum Computer?

Jason Klebs jasonk at riseup.net
Fri Jun 21 17:14:10 MDT 2013

Not being quite too familiar with it...what exactly does it mean to
break SHA256?

I understand that SHA is a message digest, and that
SHA256(<arbitrary-length input>) = fixed-length digest.

I also understand that, for example, digital signatures for public key
encryption (like SSL/TLS) utilize such message digests.  Does "breaking"
SHA mean that the breaker can generate and sign keys without the
corresponding RSA private key?  Does it mean that the breaker has found
any and all inputs where SHA(input) = digest?  Something else?


On 06/21/2013 05:02 PM, Todd Millecam wrote:
> The architecture might be higher, but the limiting factor on that is how
> many quantum entangled pairs they can emit--and the max is still 13
> whatever their specs docs say, so no, it can't break sha in one operation.

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