$10 Million will buy a Quantum Computer?

Jessie A. Morris jessie at jessieamorris.com
Fri Jun 21 16:57:50 MDT 2013

On Friday, June 21, 2013 16:52:12 S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken they are claiming their current model is using 256
> qubits.

I see them listing it as 512 qubits. http://www.dwavesys.com/en/products-services.html

"Our latest superconducting 512-qubit processor chip is housed inside a 
cryogenics system within a 10 square meter shielded room."

> If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying this thing could
> break SHA256 in 1 operation or less.  

1/2 of an operation? How does that even work?

> Might also explain the NSA's $40million dollar electric bill at their new
> datacenter.


Jessie A. Morris
jessie at jessieamorris.com

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