Anyone willing to do a demo of something cool tonight?

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> If you have that option.  You don't always, due to security
> restrictions, limited storage (eg. on very small embedded systems), etc.
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     I use both screen and tmux, sometimes I'll nest a screen inside a 
tmux at work, I did that all the time working as a Dev. I don't have 
that need so much anymore but choosing between the two is impossible for 
me, each has features that meet certain needs that the other can't, or 
won't satisfy. That said, my life would be a lot more problematic 
without one or the other in my life to save me from the wares of network 
failures, that moment when you immediately need to do two things and 
there's no X cuz you broke something and all you get is a good old BSD 
console, compiling 64 and 32 bit packages on Arch Linux and innumerable 
other "zOM*G!!!!" moments as well.
     GNU Parallels, this is something new that I must explore. I think 
this just may be what I'm looking for in my new position at work as well 
as maintaining all the Jails I have on my BSD systems at home.

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