Factor and Forth stuff

Tod Hansmann plug.org at todandlorna.com
Wed Jun 19 00:22:24 MDT 2013

As I promised at the PLUG meeting tonight, I have some links and stuff 
for those that want to do more with Factor or Forth

First, #concatenative on freenode is obviously the hippest place to talk 
about Factor.  There's also #forth for talking specifically about 
Forths, of which there are many.  I prefer #concatenative personally, 
but that's because of my niche being suited to it.

Second, my own channel is #todandlorna on irc.esper.net and my lovely 
assistant John is also on that channel.  The whole TnL community is very 
tech enthusiastic and we have some enthusiasm for programming in general 
in a variety of languages and platforms. John is RodgerTheGreat on IRC 
if you want to talk to him about something specific.

Speaking of which, ForthWarrior, written by John for his Mako VM, is 
available at his github: https://github.com/JohnEarnest/Mako 
Specifically it's written in as Warrior2, as this is his second 
iteration.  It has received quite a bit of discussion in various 
formats, and I highly recommend you check it out if you want a fun 
experience learning Forth in an AI setting.  Join IRC if you want to get 
some ideas on how to approach the language or the problem space.

Last but not least, remember www.factorcode.org and its many resources.  
There are a number of talks on Factor on youtube, as well as a number of 
blogs and example resource.  Some of it is good code, some of it is very 
bad code.  If you are thinking in a concatenative way, you will find 
things very small and atomic in their expressive nature.  A very good 
introduction to this kind of thinking is two Forth books: Starting Forth 
and then Thinking Forth.  Both of them are freely available online.  
Neither is limited to just Forth in what they can teach you about 


Happy Hunting!

-Tod Hansmann

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