Mailing List Job Posting Fail [Was: Plug Digest Vol 102, Issue 43, redux]

Tod Hansmann at
Mon Jun 17 22:39:56 MDT 2013

On 6/17/2013 8:18 PM, Robert Fleming wrote:
> This an internal position in the company I work for.  We are here in Murray, the position is full time in a 24/7/365 SAAS shop.  Company is stable and growing and has good work environment.  This position will be front line Linux administration and windows.  The individual will work with me, and one other administrator directly.  The position requires knowledge of SOC II, change management, automation.  Requirements also include documentation skills, disaster recovery and incident reponse.   The position has on call requirements.  Candidate must pass a background check. Candidate may cross over and be trained on the day to day office operations as necessary to provide N+1 coverage.
> I'm posting the position to give the group an opportunity to respond before posting to the larger public.
A bit of harsh advice: when posting to a technical mailing list about a 
job you're trying to fill, at least pretend to know how to use the list 
you're posting to.  No amount of "I just get the list in digest and 
didn't know" will excuse it.  You're either moving too fast to catch the 
mistake or you just aren't thinking about what you're doing.  Either 
way, it's probably going to be a major turn-off for any potential hires 
that see it.

-Tod Hansmann

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