Home wiring.

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I think improvements like this do not necessarily raise the value of a home.  What I think it will do is make the house more buy-able and therefore will spend less time on the market.

I use wireless in my house so I do not have to deal with running cable.  The mail problem is do you drop your cable to each wall so it is easy to connect or re-connect when you re-orange your furniture?

While WIFI is slower it does the job in my house.  I'm not sure we know we are wireless unless we think about it.


Keith Smith

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> 640k should be enough for everyone!

yeah yeah yeah... Good point.
I still think cat5e is good enough for a long time, unless you really have the 
money to install fiber in your home. And I cannot say for sure, I'd love to 
hear from someone who really knows, but I would bet that a properly wired 
cat5e home would raise the resale value a bit, but not any more than fiber 
would. Unless fiber becomes a buzzword people know...

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