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Bart Whiteley <bart.plug at whiteley.org> wrote:

> I'm doing some remodeling and need to run some data cables.  What's
> the best thing to run these days?  Is cat5e sufficient?
> I'm running Gigabit Ethernet at the moment.  Who knows what the future
> will hold.

Whatever you run will be obsolete at some point. If you really want to
future-proof your installation, consider running the Ethernet cables
inside pipe, so that at some time in the future you can use it to pull
its replacement, whatever that will be. I haven't done this, so can't
vouch for how much extra work it will be.

> If I don't have time to run the wires myself, what sort of person
> would I be looking to hire?

I expect state law requires that someone you hire be licensed, etc.

Perhaps someone on this list could make a bid?


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