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Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Tue Jun 11 13:14:23 MDT 2013

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> Please do not respond to this thread unless you include ALL of the
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> words in the post: sjansen, bacon, Nazis, soap on a rope, Illuminati, a
> lyric
> from any Pink Floyd song.
Oh Heavenly plug-list,

I pray that the illuminati stop doing things in the name of certain
religions (who incidentally don't eat bacon) in order to force us into a
prison state based on religious bias.  In a sense, we are already in a
prison state where not even soap on a rope will keep us from getting uh ..
bent over.   If we as a people become comfortably numb to each other - and
try to cover or be blind to what is happening all around us regardless of
religion, race or creed - we soon may find ourselves overrun by a zealous
Nazi state.

In the name of Sjansen,


-- Matthew Frederico

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