Personal Cloud (was: Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?)

Nathan England nathan at
Tue Jun 11 11:21:13 MDT 2013

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013 10:51:05 AM Jessie A. Morris wrote:
> I think that there's a serious business opportunity for this as well. I've
> wanted to go buy a private island, declare sovereignty, and start hosting
> all of the Pirate Bays servers.
> I guess there is now a less ethically questionable business use as well.
> Just host peoples' servers for them and promise to not allow any country
> access to your data. If you're a sovereign state, it'd be pretty tough for
> the US to force it out of you.
> Either that, or the US Navy/Army/Marines/FBI/CIA/etc. would raid your
> little, weak, isolated island. I don't see that ending well, even if you do
> have a large security force.

Hey Jessie, I think we should look into the pirate radio system. Focus on floating 
bardges in international waters and maybe even tether ourselves to the under 
water fiber lines!


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