Personal Cloud (was: Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?)

Lonnie Olson lists at
Tue Jun 11 10:37:26 MDT 2013

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 10:04 AM, John Shaver <bobjohnbob at> wrote:
> I have thought of this on many occasions and how it would be best to go
> about this.  In particular, host my own email and DNS seems a good place to
> start.  However how can you truly self host this?

Since the very nature of email is not point to point, it is by nature
sniffable.  No matter where you host it yourself in your own house on
encrypted drives.  The NSA could theoretically capture it before it
ever reaches your system.  The only real measure you can take is to
encrypt the individual emails with something like S/MIME or PGP.  This
however requires that both sender and receiver have capable clients
and are somewhat prepared to do so.

Now the "personal cloud" Windley was talking about was not really just
about self hosting stuff.  The idea was more about centralizing your
data in one location, and let you decide what services you allow to
access parts of that data.  This personal cloud could simply be hosted
by a provider such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.  But the
infrastructure wouldn't prevent you from hosting it at any other third
party, or even yourself from your own home.  The most important point
was not the where, but the idea of putting your data in a single
location that you control.  I think it's a wonderful idea.

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