Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 22:12:47 MDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 11:48 PM, Sasha Pachev <sasha at asksasha.com> wrote:
> So, anti-depressants among Latter-Day Saints. One problem I frequently
> observe among the members is trying to live the routine without
> understanding the purpose. Usually there is an element of trying to somehow
> circumvent the purpose of the routine - something you would naturally
> expect when somebody follows his understanding of the instructions when he
> fails to understand the principles behind them. This naturally leads to
> frustration, overwork, and eventually depression.

So, the solution is More Mormon.  Good job!

> Money. Nick - have you considered that the cost of building and running
> temples all over the world, or sending thousands of missionaries that
> cannot pay their way on missions, or numerous other similar things could
> cover the discrepancy in your accounting?

Because the extravagant mall in Salt Lake was free, right?

> Happiness. The Book of Mormon contains a recipe to happiness. It is there,
> I found it.  You can find it as well - do not get frustrated by the amount
> of work it takes and give up early. Many people fail to learn how to
> program for the same reason.

Shit, you're right.  I just wasn't Mormoning hard enough.  If only I'd
studied my scriptures harder I would have found the answer!

> Deception. Of the numerous agnostic/atheistic philosophers that tried,
> Lenin was actually successful in building something around his ideas

Forget Socrates, de Beauvoir, Blackburn, John Stuart-Mill, David
Kellog Lewis, Protagorist, Sartre and all those other schmucks.  They
weren't successful in building anything.

> This works in a free society  where people can
> read, watch, and listen to whatever they want

Just like the Mormon church, where nobody is ever told by their
Priesthood leaders to avoid "unsavory" writings or things "not
conducive to the spirit."

> For me to believe that Joseph Smith was smarter than Marx and Lenin is
> harder than to believe that he learned all this from heavenly beings.

Like the heavenly being that helped him translate the Book of Abraham
- the translation which is famously, and laughably, inaccurate?  Those
heavenly beings?

Overall I give you an A+ on Mormoning.  You toed the Mormon party line
very well, Comrade.

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