Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Mon Jun 10 19:28:49 MDT 2013

Defend the implication that the LDS church receives no gain from its
membership. Last I knew its coffers were pretty full. The remuneration per
ward from Salt Lake for financial aid of its local members is also
frequently quite inequitable. There are wards collecting $100k+ each month
in tithing, sending it all to Salt Lake, and being allocated mere $1000s of
it in return--insufficient to help all the needy families in their own

Also, you must both qualify and quantify "such joy in their hearts". Esp.
re the fact that Utah is the state with the highest use of anti-depressants
per capita. That's not a coincidence or simply correlation without

Sorry, I have to side with Danial C. on this one, for similar reasons from
similar experiences.

In defense of Sasha's position, I will qualify that there do exist varying
pockets of micro-cultures among the LDS church. *Some* of them, function
altruistically and to the mutual benefit of all. Something Sasha may have
not experienced yet is some of the other micro cultures that exist--several
of which I have personally experienced, and others which have been
recounted to me first hand, which do not function in the idyllic fashion
Sasha has experienced. To head off objection from Sasha, these other micro
cultures in no way violate the principles that the church espouses--they
are right in line with the general handbook of instruction also--you can't
say they are apostate wards or anything and dismiss them or the effects
they have on their members--they must be included in the equation.

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