Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

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A) This has nothing to do with Ed Snowden
B) It has absolutely nothing to do with Linux.

Can you guys please take your religious screed OFF the list?

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>On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 8:52 PM, Sasha Pachev <sasha at asksasha.com>
>>  All I can say is that I respectfully disagree. I have been inside
>it - I
>> have served a mission, have been in a number of leadership
>positions, have
>> sat through a lot of meetings, and have visited and got to know a
>lot of
>> people through church service. I have seen the difference that
>> in the church makes in their overall qualify of life, ability to
>> their goals, ability to be happy, and the ability to get along with
>> I have seen that difference in my own life as well. I cannot help
>but quote
>> Alma 30:34-35 at this point:
>I'm glad that you are happy.  I know a lot of Mormons who are very
>happy in their religion.  However, living a happy life does not mean
>that the religion whose structure you have found happiness within was
>founded by an honest or scrupulous man, or that it does not operate
>self-deception.  It is very fair to ask whether it matters, so long
>you are happy.  I suppose to many people it doesn't, and I don't
>begrudge them their happiness.
>I personally was extremely unhappy being Mormon.  It never quite felt
>right to me.  There were little things that didn't quite add up.  I
>felt like I was living in The Truman Show, and if I just scratched at
>the right spot the whole facade would come away.  The default Mormon
>answer to this kind of existential discomfort is to search, ponder
>pray, read the Book of Mormon, pray more, spend more time at the
>temple... essentially, to try harder and harder to be Mormon. 
>when you're Mormon, that's the answer to everything - after all, the
>fruits of righteousness are joy, right?  If you're not happy you must
>be doing it wrong.  Go see the Bishop, he'll set you on the right
>path.  Have you read the Book of Mormon recently?  Maybe you just
>a different calling... wait, are you sure you've paid all of your
>tithing?  Discouragement, despair and depression are the three D's of
>the devil - why are you letting the devil into your life?  You must
>not be praying enough.  I bet it's 'cause you missed sacrament
>meeting.  Is your testimony okay?  Have you been to the temple
>recently?  That always makes me feel better!
>When you're Mormon, the only answer to problems is more Mormon.  I
>honestly say that I have never been happier since I had my name
>removed from the records.  Ironically, I didn't leave because I was
>unhappy, and I had no expectation that leaving "the church" would
>me happier.  It was a pleasant, and unexpected, side effect.  It
>wasn't until I got some distance and had a chance to re-examine my
>experiences as a Mormon from a different perspective that I realized
>how incredibly screwed up things were.
>Ultimately, I'm glad that you're happy.  I'm glad that you're not
>affected by the screwed up parts of your religion.  And I hope that
>you will recognize that your religion really is not the ultimate
>answer to everything.  There are people who really can be harmed by
>it, in very real ways.  And I hope that if you encounter one of them
>in the future, you will stop and think that maybe "more Mormon" isn't
>the right answer for them.
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