Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Mon Jun 10 16:51:42 MDT 2013

On Monday, June 10, 2013 06:29:16 PM Daniel C. wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:19 PM, Nathan England <nathan at nmecs.com> wrote:

> No, it's not.  My question (not argument) is about the source of right
> and wrong.  Your example is a logical paradox.

Correct, it is a paradox often used to confound Christians who say God can do anything. Can 
God do anything? I believe he can. Are there things God cannot do??? Yes, because Hebrews 6 
says it was impossible for God to lie.

So we have established I am crazy. I believe God can do anything, after all he is omnipotent, 
yet he cannot lie. I believe this because God cannot sin either. Rather God *will* not sin. Could 
he sin? Probably could if he wanted to, but he chooses not to.

If God had not called lieing a sin then I believe God would lie to use all the time just to make us 
feel better.

> Not the point.  It's not about what God *would* do.  It's about
> whether or not God commanding something is what causes that thing to
> be right.

Actually, the point of your argument is to box me into answering with a predefined answer that 
as a Christian I believe is an impossibility. It is a brilliant question, but does not allow for true 

> You are assuming that my teacher was "anti-god."  My question (not
> argument) is designed to clarify an ethical question, not to frame
> people.
> Which doesn't really address the question.
> Yet you believe that you know the mind of God, as demonstrated by your
> earlier statement that you know that God wouldn't command you to do
> something.  Either you reserve the right to decide what is right and
> what is wrong (which you do earlier when you say that you know God
> wouldn't command you to do X or Y) or you are subject to God's
> commandments, even if they go against your better judgment.
> -Dan

Dan, your entire question is framed to make me answer according to your boxed results. I do 
not claim to know the complete mind of God, how ever I believe he has given me his word (the 
bible) and has stated what is right and what is wrong. I do not believe God would issue a 
command that was contrary to his word. That has to be my answer, because the answers you 
want me to select are not possible. Sorry I cannot give you more than that.

I make my decisions of what is right or wrong based upon what I believe the word of God 
teaches. Along with that, I don't believe God would command me to do something that is 
contrary to his word.  

Although, I am reminded of the story of Abraham and Isaac. It doesn't make sense why God 
would command Abraham to kill his son, at least with the understanding of the old testament 
only, now we recognize it as a picture. After all, Abraham responded to Isaac when asked about 
a sacrifice that "God will provide himself a lamb" and when Abraham's faith was proven God 
spared Isaac through an angel and a ram was found to sacrifice.

In the end, Abraham followed God even though it didn't make sense, and as I have said God 
said don't kill. But in the end, God did not allow Abraham to kill Isaac, he provided a way out.

I would like to believe that I would have enough faith to do what ever God commanded me to do, 
even if it didn't make sense to me, with the faith that in the end, if I thought it was contrary to 
God's word, that he would provide a way of escape, after all, he promises a way of escape as 


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