Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

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> I'm not sure it's either. In my mind the goal of science it to figure
> out how things work.

For some people. Science is done by applying the scientific method,
which is roughly as follows:

* Observe some data.

* Form a hypothesis about the data.

* Use the hypothesis to make some predictions which can be falsified.
  Once you introduce the possibility of falsification, you have a

* Design experiments to test the predictions.

* Do the experiments and see if any of them falsify the theory.

* Adjust the theory if possible or discard it. Go back to the first
  step (with new data, the results of the experiment).

You will notice that science is an iterative process. Also, skepticism
is a virtue in a scientist, and blindly following authority is a vice.

> That will often lead to some theories being
> proven and others refuted.

Again, science is not concerned with proving theories.


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