Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 15:00:18 MDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:45 PM, Nathan England <nathan at nmecs.com> wrote:
> My only real contention with science is it seems to me an engine to disprove
> God. The bible isn't right when the science proves it, rather science is right when
> the bible confirms it. That is what I believe.

This is definitely not the purpose of science.  Scientific inquiry
exists to discover things about the nature of the physical world we
inhabit.  It is not the role of science to make statements about
whether or not a deity which is capable of creating the world in which
we exist does or does not exist.  Many people who take science very
seriously have decided that the evidence of God's existence is
insufficient for them to maintain belief, but there are plenty of very
religious people who are very good scientists.  My dad is one of them.

It is entirely possible to be both religious and scientific.


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