Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 14:06:16 MDT 2013

Oh goodie ..

Is it not blasphemous for we mortals to be attempting to raise ourselves
above the throne of God?  Our vain attempts at coalescing our conscious
understanding into what we were told by another mortal and passing it off
as GOD himself - instead of listening to that God of creation whom we
attest to hold and love so dearly .. Is all this nothing more than an
exercise in granting power of our decision making process to man?  Perhaps
the biggest tragedy is the worship of scripture, its contents, and its many
contrived interpretations over what we as human beings honestly already
have inside us?

If we truly are the offspring of deity - and this deity is immortal,
omniscient, alpha and omega - perhaps the biggest "SIN" (or missing the
point) is that right now we are all simply human?  Full of our beautiful
imperfections, difficulties, tragedies, triumphs and our small attempts at

Oh, and - for you bible thumpers - if we are supposed to be like Jesus -
exactly what organized Church did Jesus go to?  That's the one I want to
belong to.

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> I did. But, alas, this is PLUG. Where have you been?
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