Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

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I think Nathan made the point that "thou shalt not kill" to mean cold blooded murder.

I'm a vet and ex-police officer.  I would disagree with your guilt statement.  The military does a poor job of dealing with killing.  They do little to prepare a soldier for the emotional effects and do little afterwords.  That is why vets have so much difficulty dealing with these issue not to mention seeing your buddies get killed.

I entered law enforcement in 1980 just as things were starting to change.  We were "prepared" mentally by visits from the police shrink.  And post shooting included time with a police shrink.  

There are so few Christians that I do not think that Christian guilt is the problem. I think most serious Christians understand that God is not anti-killing if it is in an act of war or in self defense or the defense of a 3rd party.  (in law enforcement using deadly physical force is to stop not kill (death may be a by product of deadly physical force, however not the intention), unlike the military where killing is authorized)

When I was about to enter law enforcement I asked a pastor about this very thing and he explained God's law.  So as a police officer I knew what God's scripture said.  I also had peace that if it had been necessary to use deadly physical force I would be guided by God.  



Keith Smith

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> God said thou shalt not kill.
No. Learn your own religion better. This misunderstanding is the cause of a
lot of veteran's guilt, often a component in PTSD.
What was taught in the bible was not to *murder*. In fact, the bible
explicitly condones killing in many places. Murder is the shedding of
innocent blood--as opposed to killing people in self defense or times of

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