Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Mon Jun 10 13:31:02 MDT 2013

On Monday, June 10, 2013 12:51:53 PM Nicholas Leippe wrote:

> Christians that try to claim that Christian marriage is between one man and
> one woman are kind of hilarious--because the history of Christianity, eg
> the old testament, is rife with polygamy. Mormons (also Christians)
> resurrected that practice, as have other Christian sects. Plenty of
> non-Christian faiths also practice polygamy. I don't know of any historical
> societies that officially declared their same-sex relationships as official
> marriages (doesn't mean they don't exist), but that is definitely not a new
> practice either.

I find it hilarious that people think because God allowed something to happen in the 
bible that that also means he condoned it. Where in the bible did God command 
anyone to have multiple wives? Just because men couldn't control the lust of their 
flesh does not mean God said it was good. You would notice in the bible multiple wives 
(polygamy) didn't come about until *after* the fall of man and it was first mentioned in 
reference to Cain who was also a murderer and despised God.


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