Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Mon Jun 10 12:47:12 MDT 2013

I think one thing that is not being realized is the information they were gathering is 
about control and nothing more. The government fears its citizens and wants to know 
what we are saying in attempts to head off internal attacks or coups. 

And they are afraid of us because they have spent years not listening to us, and now 
they worry for their safety and don't want to lose their post. I mean safety as in their 
jobs, not life, though some of them should be concerned for their lives as there are a 
lot of crazies out there who would do something stupid.

If the government wanted to protect us from threats of terror or anything, both 
foreign and domestic, they would be running campaigns about how to protect 
yourself in various events, what buildings would hold up under various types of attack, 
where shelters are, proper food storage to survive up to 3 days with a given family 
size, plus more to help a neighbor in need... how to protect your home... And seriously, 
they would be encouraging gun rights and general population instruction in proper 
gun control (point, aim, fire, clean, reload). 

It reminds me of why Japan didn't attack our mainland in WWII. The government took 
that to heart and wants to remove all firearms so there is no threat when they come 
for more. This is entirely about control and nothing to do with protection.


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