Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

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> We are taxed at a higher rate, it is just hidden.  We may pay less in income tax, however we are taxed at almost all levels.  
> Look at your utility bill, phone bill, cellular bill...etc.  When I was a kid sales tax was 4.5% now it is close to 10%.  
> The tax is hidden.  A little here a little there.  Also the deficit is a hidden tax.  You and I will have to pay that down at some point - that means taxation.
Google showed me this interesting page:


I have not verified it myself, of course.

Thanks for this thread, so far it has been interesting.

I agree that the US government is out of control. Government is a necessary evil that must be fed but if allowed to grow becomes a cancer that consumes everything until there is nothing left but ruin. New elected officials enter government, perhaps with the hopes of making change for the better. Then they realize what government is all about and are giving the choice to join the good boys club or sacked. Evil and conspiring men have long nested themselves deep within government, not just ours, but all governments. Ever watch "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"? And that was released 74 years ago. I have no indication that our government has improved at all since then.

I also have been asking myself, "What can I do?".  I have only so much time on my hands. I get reports of some of the things my elected officials do and I send them messages on occasion. But to really take on the system, it seems like it would need to become my full-time occupation. It is a catch-22. The more power we give the government, the less we have. And by the time enough of us "wake up", the beast will have already taken so much power that the only options left to us will be to throw our mortality at it.

Education and public awareness is key. Which is why the government controls as much of the mainstream media as it does.

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