Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

keith smith klsmith2020 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 10:54:43 MDT 2013

We are taxed at a higher rate, it is just hidden.  We may pay less in income tax, however we are taxed at almost all levels.  

Look at your utility bill, phone bill, cellular bill...etc.  When I was a kid sales tax was 4.5% now it is close to 10%.  

The tax is hidden.  A little here a little there.  Also the deficit is a hidden tax.  You and I will have to pay that down at some point - that means taxation.

Whose interpretation of the U.S.Constitution?  The founding fathers interpretation.  

Yes you should have freedom from treatment.  You should be able to drink raw milk.  You should be able to own a gun.  You should be able to drink as much soda as you like.

Marriage is a Christian concept not a Government concept.  Therefore the Gov should not be in the marriage business.  I do not care what gays do.  However I believe they should not marry in a Biblical sense.  If they want to co-habitat go for it.  Civil unions go for it.  I will not be a party of such stuff.


Keith Smith

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On 06/10/2013 09:32 AM, keith smith wrote:
> I have to ask if the Tea Party was right and once they get into
> government they try to correct the gov, what is wrong with that?
> Are you saying we still need some level of evasiveness, over taxing,
> redistribution of wealth, the nanny state mentality?

Government secrecy may in fact be important sometimes, but without
proper oversight, it will always lead to problems, and we're seeing the
consequences of this now (Patriot Act!).

What makes you think you are over-taxed right now?  Taxes are the lowest
they've been in the US for decades.  In fact they are lower than during
the Clinton era, where the economy was actually doing very well.

As for a nanny state, far right folks are indeed funny on this one.
They want the government to stay out of their business, except when a
tornado comes, or when gays want to marry, or to get tough on crime.  By
that comment I am not saying I support criminals or gay marriage. Just
pointing out the difficulty of this part of the Tea Party's position.

> Simply the Tea Party is about smaller gov, less intrusive gov, less
> taxes, God given freedom, the rule of law (U.S.Constitution), and
> being self-reliant.

Except that they define freedom very narrowly.  As long as I choose to
exercise my freedom in a way that they agree with, that's what freedom
is.  If I want freedom from being destroyed by cancer treatment, or
freedom from being uninsured, well, that's completely different.  And
whose interpretation of the Constitution?  Their position is just as
problematic as any political party's position today.

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