Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

Steve Meyers steve-plug at spwiz.com
Mon Jun 10 10:45:27 MDT 2013

On 6/10/13 10:27 AM, Ryan Moore wrote:
> I want people to do the right thing regardless of their job title.
> "Wannabes" should be judged on the positive effects of any information
> leaked, balanced with the negative effects of the information leaked.
> The act of leaking shouldn't be heroic in and of itself, the act of
> breaking any law shouldn't be heroic in and of itself. But breaking
> laws for the greater good -- that is a special and dangerous breed of
> heroism that should be respected, feared, and at times, celebrated. I
> think that this is one of those times.

I'm not saying that Snowden didn't do the correct thing.  I don't know 
all the facts, but from what I understand, I think he probably did. 
Still, I wonder if there were other avenues for him to accomplish his 
goal of getting the program shut down.

My concern is just that others may see this as justification for petty 
vendettas.  That doesn't mean Snowden shouldn't do the right thing.  It 
just means I'm concerned that someone in the future might disclose 
things that really are a problem for national security.


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