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I would like to address the point mentioned earlier that you cannot have
conspiracy with more than 2 people for very long.

I grew up in a country (Soviet Union) where conspiracy involving millions
lasted for at least 70 years, and did not quite die when the West began to
prematurely celebrate its death. I am familiar with the concept of
deception and betrayal on a very intimate level. Both of my grandfathers
were extremely enthusiastic about the change in 1917 and were actively
involved with the Communist party. And both of them were betrayed by it
during the purges of 1937-38. They happened to stand out in some way making
somebody uncomfortable, somebody wrote an anonymous letter, they received a
mock trial, were labeled as "the enemy of the people", and sent into a
prison labor camp. One survived after 18 years, the other died after about
7. In fact, to this day we are not sure about the year that he died, but we
think it was 1945.

As this was happening, my parents were school children and they happily
recited "We thank comrade Stalin for our happy childhood". My grandmothers
were too scared to tell them the truth about the reason their fathers were
in confinement blaming it on "a mistake" and trying to avoid the discussion
of the matter as much as possible. I myself grew up with this deception for
quite some time believing that the United States was a country of
prostitutes, homeless, drug addicts, and millionaires with the system so
corrupt that it deserved to be wiped out with a few nuclear missile hits.

My story is the story of millions in the former Soviet Union. Wicked people
have a unique ability to form conspiracies and pull others into them.

This is not to say that I necessarily believe that the real conspiracy is
what was described in an earlier post. I am just saying that wicked people
are capable of organizing one on a massive scale, and will do when they see
a chance, and you may very well miss it and end up a victim.

Sasha Pachev

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