Bitcoins and gold standard dollars -- was Re: Anyone want to make a housecall?

Joshua Marsh joshua at
Sun Jun 2 12:11:38 MDT 2013

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:14 PM, Levi Pearson <levipearson at> wrote:

> And you say "beholden to its anonymous shareholders" like that isn't how
> all corporations work.

This is coming from someone who listens to the No Agenda show, so take it
with a grain of salt. I'm more concerned about the fact that the Fed *is* a
corporation and not that is runs like one. The law does put limits on what
shareholders can do, but we live in a capitalistic society and the all
mighty dollar can get people to do wild things.

so, if you want to know who the shareholders of your regional Fed are, look
> at the largest banks in the region.

I have never seen a list of shareholders. I've read a few people claiming
to know who they are, but they don't have verifiable sources. The Fed
doesn't release that information. We can assume that some banks have
shares, but we don't know how much. There is only a minimum purchase amount
for members. And the laws allow for some of the shares to be sold to the
public. What I'm interested in is more transparency.

TINFOIL HAT ON: These people have the button that makes money out of thin
air. There is nothing stopping them from working together to make small
tweaks to the economy that slowly hurt individuals in the long run and make
their shareholders billions of dollars. Add to that the fact that our
government gets a large kickback on those profits and I don't see Congress
or the President or anyone doing anything about it in the foreseeable
future. The sad part is that we would never know.

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