DHCP leases

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It all depends on configuration. Typically there is a "lease time" that specifies how long a machine should have an IP address. If you have configured your DHCP server to have 10 addresses available and all 10 are leased out and an 11th machine connects, it won't get an IP until one of the 10 IP's lease expires. Generally the lease time is a day or so, but could be anywhere from 10 minutes to four weeks or more.
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On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:12:21 Wade Shearer wrote:
> Plug,
> Are DHCP leases exclusive (generally)? The point--as I understand it--is to remember which address each client receives so that they can be issued the same one each time they connect as long as they connect fairly consistently. The address isn't reserved for them exclusively (within the lease time) though, is it? Meaning, if connections become sparse and are new connection attempts denied because IPs are leased to non-connected clients, or is your IP given to someone else if you're not there?
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