Recurring nightmare: Outbound e-faxing not for a lot of money

Barry Roberts blr at
Mon Jan 28 15:02:59 MST 2013

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 2:55 PM, Charles Curley
<charlescurley at> wrote:
> Er, how about using a multi-function printer and faxing it yourself?
> All you pay is the cost of the printer and the phone charges.

I don't know about the OP, but that doesn't work great with my VOIP

> If that's too low tech, how about scan in and email?

There are companies (including the one that administers my FSA plan)
that will accept faxes and not e-mail.  "Drag the companies you do
business with kicking and screaming into the 1990's" isn't really a
good answer, either.

I use  I did pay $10 up front, but 2-page faxes are
free, and pretty cheap per page after that with no monthly fee.

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