Recurring nightmare: Outbound e-faxing not for a lot of money

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Mon Jan 28 14:14:16 MST 2013

I have to send 1-3 faxes a *year*.  Is there (YET) a service that let's me
simply pay by the page or something where I do NOT have to pay a monthly
fee to fax?

I am not a hacker. I can't setup voip or sip or an asterisk server or
anything like that. (I am flattered that you might suggest it, don't get me
wrong) I don't have a phone line available. I do have a scanner, lots of
bandwidth and an itching desire to not pay efax ANY money if I don't have
to.... but I would pay $1 or even $2 a page to send a fax if there was a
service for this. That's MUCH better for me than driving to find a kinkos
or office max or something else.

Who on PLUG will do this on an EC2 cluster and become a jillionaire?
Customer #1 is ready and waiting.

$0.99 per page for ad-hoc outbound efaxing! If there was ever a freemium
business model waiting to be exploited  there it is. eFax wants to charge
me $14/month with (gasp!) no setup fees! (generous!)

Robert Merrill
801-228-0529 (calls/txts OK)

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