vim for people who would rather not use vim

Tod Hansmann at
Fri Jan 25 23:52:52 MST 2013

On 1/25/2013 7:56 PM, AJ ONeal wrote:
>     I have yet to run into anything as a text editor vim can do that nano
>     can not save it be multi-file screen splitting stuff (like windowing,
>     but not).  Nano doesn't even attempt.  Nano is not as powerful, I
>     don't
>     dispute that, but I think it comes a lot closer than you're giving it
>     credit for, and it's great for editing config files on servers I share
>     logins to.  I can't have my vimrc on shared boxes.
>     Well, I could, but I'm not a jerk in that particular area.
> Your loss.
> And theirs. What a terrible world where a vim has no .vimrc. I'm gonna 
> go cry now.
I think it just depends on what you're doing.  Most config files edits 
for me don't require coding features or much of a workflow at all, so it 
ends up being just fine if I have either editor.  I tend to not have a 
great deal of preference for either, but I go to nano more often lately 
because it's quick and straightforward and it's on the environments I 
work in (I work in a lot of embedded devices that have vi, but not vim, 
and I've never liked vi)

Obviously everyone has their preference, but I don't want to step on 
others' preferences that I work with and I appreciate that they don't do 
that to mine.  Rebinding keys would be a sad thing for me. Plus, we have 
a couple guys that use alternative keyboard layouts, one on programmer's 
dvorak.  I'd hate to have his vimrc everywhere, and I'm pretty sure most 
others would too.  So no vimrc is probably an advantage there.

-Tod Hansmann

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