vim for people who would rather not use vim

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at
Fri Jan 25 19:56:26 MST 2013

> I have yet to run into anything as a text editor vim can do that nano
> can not save it be multi-file screen splitting stuff (like windowing,
> but not).  Nano doesn't even attempt.  Nano is not as powerful, I don't
> dispute that, but I think it comes a lot closer than you're giving it
> credit for, and it's great for editing config files on servers I share
> logins to.  I can't have my vimrc on shared boxes.
> Well, I could, but I'm not a jerk in that particular area.

Your loss.

And theirs. What a terrible world where a vim has no .vimrc. I'm gonna go
cry now.

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