Fun things comcast reps say - was Re: comcast alert

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Jan 25 16:31:54 MST 2013

On 01/25/2013 04:05 PM, Caleb Call wrote:
> Recently, I've been trying to get their modem to be an actual modem
> and not a router as well, I found I needed to call and ask them to
> put it in to bridge mode.  No problem, they must need to push me a
> new boot file.  Call them up, ask them to put it in to bridge mode I
> get the response, "Sure, one moment"...about 15 seconds later she
> says, "All done!".  Wow, that was quick and don't you atleast need to
> reboot my modem to get a new boot file loaded?  "Nope, to put your
> modem in to bridge mode we just need to turn off the firewall and
> turn off DHCP."  After going the rounds trying to explain
> double-natting, etc I finally gave up and went a bought a new modem
> only device.

Hmm The first modem I had was definitely in bridging mode, and I thought
the second one was as well, but maybe it wasn't.  Interesting.

Like the TSA, the technologically savy types aren't exactly going to be
interested in talking on phones to customers (though I'd do it if I had
to).  I've often thought it would be nice to have a tier of support that
could talk to users who were savy, but the same problem applies.  Who
would want to work that job if they had those skills?

All that said, and this is now firmly off-topic, I've come to believe
the old story of the man telling his kids, you get an education so you
don't have to dig ditches like I do, is ultimately harming our society
irreparably.  We need ditches dug.  We need cars built, we need food. We
need truck drivers.  We need someone to call the cable internet service
is out, or when a device needs warranty service.  Work is a good thing.
 I'm not sure our society has been well served by the focus on a
knowledge economy (though we need programmers and sysadmins for sure!)
at the expense of an economy that creates products and goods.

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