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Fri Jan 25 15:51:48 MST 2013

Comcast sometimes contracts out to 3rd parties for sales. I have had a
remarkably different experience when dealing with these 3rd party customers
as opposed to working with employees in the comcast building in Lindon. In
my experience the 3rd party salesmen don't have a very large incentive to
be honest (maybe because they don't have to worry that much about retention
or support once the contract gets signed?) I wonder if this was the case
with the survey situation you were put in.

Ryan Moore

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> On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:
> > So be warned.  I cancelled everything.
> I'm going to chime in to provide some balance to the discussion.
> I am a customer of Comcast both personally and my company.  I have
> never been treated to any deceptive practices.  In fact I have far
> more deceptive practice issues from Telco companies like CenturyLink.
> I can't be positive, but it sounds like there is a distinct
> possibility that the first person you spoke with simply misunderstood
> you.
> Also, my experience is not just one randomly good experience.  I have
> a 100Mbps fiber circuit for Internet access, 14 point-to-point
> circuits, and another 20+ Business cable internet circuits.  That
> doesn't include the many other site surveys I have requested, that
> didn't pan out to getting service.
> Though I do have some benefits on my side:  All contracts have to pass
> by our legal department, and I have great sales reps at Comcast.
> Comcast can often provide the best bandwidth to price options in many
> areas, has decent or better service compared to DSL providers (much
> better if you choose a Business grade connection).  Don't discount
> them so fast based on a single mistake or bad report.
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