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Fri Jan 25 15:24:36 MST 2013

One of my favorite support calls with them went like this:

My Brother: Our Internet is really slow.
Comcast Support: Do you have more than one computer?
My Brother: Yes.
Comcast Support: Are you pressing enter at the same time?
My Brother: Huh?
Comcast Support: If you are both in the browser and press enter at the same
time it will be slow.

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> wrote:
> >> So be warned.  I cancelled everything.
> >
> > I'm going to chime in to provide some balance to the discussion.
> > I am a customer of Comcast both personally and my company.  I have
> > never been treated to any deceptive practices.  In fact I have far
> > more deceptive practice issues from Telco companies like CenturyLink.
> > I can't be positive, but it sounds like there is a distinct
> > possibility that the first person you spoke with simply misunderstood
> > you.
> >
> > Also, my experience is not just one randomly good experience.  I have
> > a 100Mbps fiber circuit for Internet access, 14 point-to-point
> > circuits, and another 20+ Business cable internet circuits.  That
> > doesn't include the many other site surveys I have requested, that
> > didn't pan out to getting service.
> >
> > Though I do have some benefits on my side:  All contracts have to pass
> > by our legal department, and I have great sales reps at Comcast.
> >
> > TL;DR
> > Comcast can often provide the best bandwidth to price options in many
> > areas, has decent or better service compared to DSL providers (much
> > better if you choose a Business grade connection).  Don't discount
> > them so fast based on a single mistake or bad report.
> >
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> Agreed with what's been said.  I have Comcast Business at my house and I
> know exactly of those docs that you had to digitally sign.  They clearly
> state that it's for installation and your terms (Business Requires atleast
> a year contract, more if you want to lower your installation costs).  Sorry
> you feel burned by them, and we all know it's fun to blame Comcast, but I
> would be more inclined to say shame on you for not reading what you were
> signing, even if the rep weren't clear about it.  I know whenever I have to
> sign something for my work, I make sure I know exactly what it is I'm
> signing (most things have to go through legal anyways) so as not to get my
> company in to any kind of problems.
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