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Eric Olsen falconv at
Fri Jan 25 15:15:55 MST 2013

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:

> Anybody know how I can report this deceptive practice to The Better
> Business Bureau?

 Dan already answered, but to help get you direct to the point:

Also, to relate: I had horrible service from Comcast over the span of
approximately 5 months where I would maybe get a few hours of service per
day, most of the time I had no internet connection. I complained, they
"sent someone to look at it" (whom I never saw), and the "tech" said
everything's fine (by the way, I had to call back and follow-up to hear any
results of any mysterious visit). By the end of 5 months I was finally
patched through to someone higher than just a tech who actually sounded
like he could help, but then I moved. I got fiber through Utopia at my new
place, and called Comcast to cancel. They tried insisting over the phone
that I tell them my new address, to which I refused because they didn't
need to know my new address for me to cancel.

On a side note, Comcast later sent someone to cut my phone line (for
completely unrelated reasons - in short, it was an "accident"), but that's
a story for another day ;)

I know Comcast is great for many, but my personal experience was horrible
and I hope to never have to deal with them again (or be better equipped to
bypass the crap and get actual service when I have a problem next time).


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