moving FTP servers blows (well, doesn't actually)

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Jan 23 22:06:33 MST 2013

On 1/23/2013 2:19 PM, Ryan Byrd wrote:
> what this means is that I can't log into the new ftp server with the
> previous accounts even though I've moved the passwd file.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if your system supports blowfish (I 
believe this is a kernel level encryption option) the passwd file being 
moved should Just Work (tm).  Or you can create the new users and just 
replace the password portion of their new user line with the old 
password from the previous box.  If it does not, it won't work 
regardless of what you install until your system supports it.  New ftp 
users will likely not be defined with blowfish encrypted passwords, but 
that shouldn't matter unless you really want blowfish for some reason.

Another possibility is that pureftpd in Ubuntu is just patched to not 
use blowfish.  Ubuntu has done stranger things (they disable ssl2 in 
openssl for instance, which is good security, but annoying for libs that 
expect it).  In this case, you get to enable pure-ftpd to do so with a 
fresh compile of your own, yay!

Try checking if your system supports blowfish (I don't know how to do 
this off the top of my head other than looking at kernel configs).  
Unfortunately, there's no way to get the password reversed, as I'm sure 
you're aware, so either you get blowfish support or you define new 
password for people.

-Tod Hansmann

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