vim for people who would rather not use vim

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Wed Jan 23 20:08:17 MST 2013

Thus said AJ ONeal on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 19:42:54 -0700:

> I'm  kinda doing  this vlog  thing right  now. I'm  gonna try  to post
> something once every day or two for a bit.

May  I suggest  one correction  to Lesson  2? For  one, there  is little
mention of  modes and how  crucial understanding  them is to  even basic
mastery of vi/vim. If you are in Insert Mode, and use h, j, k, or l, you
will  not get  ``old school  vi'' movements,  but instead  will get  the
literal characters inserted into the text buffer.

Also, h, j, k, and l are also movement keys in vim when in command mode.



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