moving FTP servers blows (well, doesn't actually)

Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at
Wed Jan 23 14:19:01 MST 2013

Hello world,

Imagine you have a pure-ftpd
<>running on an openSUSE 11.1
box. Imagine further that the pure-ftpd user
passwords are encrypted with blowfish. I know this because in the
/etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.passwd the entries look like:


and according to wikipedia, $2a$ means blowfish:

But it's time to move the FTP server to a new box. The new FTP server is
Ubuntu 12.04 and when I create a new FTP user, it creates users like:

which are md5 passwords:

what this means is that I can't log into the new ftp server with the
previous accounts even though I've moved the passwd file.

pure-ftpd is supposed to first use blowfish, if it's available and then, if
not, default to MD5.

in an attempt to blowfishify my new system, I ran this: aptitude install
libpam-unix2 which installed these new packages: libpam-unix2 libxcrypt1{a}

but new user ftp passwords are still $1$

i don't want to have to reset all the previous server account password.

ideas how to 1- get blowfish to work 2- move these user accounts?


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