A simple way to maintain a static web presence?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 11:49:58 MST 2013

On 01/13/2013 12:16 AM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Hello,
> So I've decided to go with an RDP or VNC tunneled over SSH.
> However I have a dynamic IP address.
> I remember years ago there was a service you could install that if
> your IP address changed it would change a DNS record at a free DNS
> service for you.
> The problem is I'm now drawing a blank.  The desktop is running an
> ubuntu variant, but I'd prefer an init script that doesn't require gui
> interaction and will start at boot.
> Thanks in advance for any advice!

Another alternative is a peer-to-peer mesh VPN system.  Years ago I used
a proprietary program called Himachi, now a part of logmein.com.  I
believe it's still free.  It sets up a UDP peer-to-peer connection
between members of your mesh VPN, so it doesn't matter about NAT, or
what your IP address is.  It traverses most firewalls without
difficulty.  And it does not require a central concentrator, only a STUN
server to get the UDP connection built initially.  After that, it's all
peer to peer.

I really wish an open source solution would exist.  I use OpenVPN
personally, but sometimes, the latency of going through my concentrator
in a far-off data center is a bit annoying.

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