Best way to do remote development?

Tod Hansmann at
Sat Jan 12 14:08:11 MST 2013

On 1/12/2013 12:25 AM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
>   I've tried some of the hosted IDE's such as exo-ide, and orion, but
> they are primarily targeted at web-dev it seems and in the case of
> exo, my project files seem to constantly get corrupted.
> I'm considering a hosted remote desktop solution, that way the
> development environment stays put in a data center and I can log into
> it from anywhere and use the resources of the hosted machine for CPU
> intensive tasks like compiling.
If you can't get a new laptop (really $5-800 is going to get an amazing 
dev machine) I'd suggest doing X forwarding over SSH.  The problem I 
have had with remote environments while travelling or simply sharing 
networks is that the internet is a fickle mistress and WILL ruin your 
day at random, especially when you really need it NOT to do so.  This 
isn't a reliable solution.  So personally, I'd just get a new laptop, or 
a used one, and do all my dev work locally and use remote storage or 
local storage synced with remote.

As somebody mentioned, fully encrypting your hard drive is a good idea 
when internationally travelling.  Home directory or partial encryption 
is also just fine if you keep the key on a different device, like your 
cell phone or a USB stick that is fully encrypted.  This isn't paranoia, 
btw, it's just basic security when going through customs.  It happens 
regularly enough that it's a minor but real concern.  Chances are it's 
unnecessary, but it's good precaution in case someone decides they don't 
like you or one of your clients, or just the destination you're going to.

That's just my two cents.

-Tod Hansmann

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