Best way to do remote development?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sat Jan 12 00:25:19 MST 2013

I do quite a bit of software development and now I've picked up some
clients that would like me to travel rather frequently to meet them.
This has got me in the market for a new laptop, but I don't have a lot
of extra money right now.
My older laptop would be just fine except that it doesn't have the
power to run a modern full blown development environment.
The other problem with traveling with a laptop (especially a new one),
is that if it gets stolen you lose all your files.

 I've tried some of the hosted IDE's such as exo-ide, and orion, but
they are primarily targeted at web-dev it seems and in the case of
exo, my project files seem to constantly get corrupted.

I'm considering a hosted remote desktop solution, that way the
development environment stays put in a data center and I can log into
it from anywhere and use the resources of the hosted machine for CPU
intensive tasks like compiling.

As an experiment, I actually rolled my own remote desktop using Ubuntu
with VLC and an amazon AWS instance.
It worked worked out ok, but I know enough to know that it was a
remarkably insecure deployment.
I do wonder if there are better easier to deploy and manage solutions.

Personally I think a solution like that would be ideal, but I'm
worried about security and redundancy etc.
Can anyone tell me more about my options?  A self managed server would
be great, but like I said, I know enough to know it was insecure, but
not enough to know how I should properly secure it and still allow me
to login from anywhere.

Thanks in advance!

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