Remove access to server @ bios level, behind firewall

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Fri Jan 11 23:29:33 MST 2013


I've personally used spiders, they are fantastic! A bit pricy but worth every penny. We also attach Digi ConnectPort's to all our BGP routers and connect via cellular to the console port for OOB.


On Jul 16, 2012, at 1:46 PM, Chris Wood <chris at> wrote:

> All,
> I have a remote server in another country behind a firewall on a network I
> don't control.  Occasionally, we have a need to support the server when it
> is failing to boot all the way to the OS -- the server wants to do a disk
> scan, software raid issue, or some such thing.  I've googled and read up a
> bit on IPMI and also KVM over IP devices.  SpiderDuo talks about doing this
> in their manual, but the manual seems to refer to a device/software program
> that they no longer offer to get through the firewall.  I can't see anybody
> else offering solutions to the firewall problem.  There isn't any chance of
> me getting the firewall admin to forward ports for me.
> A clunky way would be to do IPMI and then have some sort of tiny linux
> box/device attached to the remote server that has a vpn connection back to
> us.  Or, find a KVM over IP that can punch through the firewall.
> Anybody aware of an elegant way to do this?
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