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On 01/07/2013 09:46 AM, Richard Esplin wrote:
> Though brand means nothing of course (since none of the brands in this
> study except maybe Asus actually manufacture laptops), the fact that
> failure rates are about the same across the board means that to me,
> warranty becomes an important factor in my buying decision.  How long is
> the warranty, what does it cost, how effective is it, how easy is it to
> get warranty service, and how am I treated by those honoring the
> warranty.  A four-year warranty is pointless if you can't get it
> honored.  Especially as a mere civilian, and not a business customer.

> What are peoples' experiences with warranties on personal laptops?  Did
> you have to send them away?  Were you hassled?  Charged money when you
> shouldn't have been?  Excuses made for not honoring the warranty (you
> dropped it didn't you)?

Great point about the warranty. I have a Dell XPS (yeah, I overpaid, I
know), and it had a problem with the battery not charging a couple of years
ago. Their first-level Philippines support was a couple of notches above
abysmal, and I didn't have to object too many times to their pointless
troubleshooting requests before they agreed to send an onsite tech, but I
think it took 4 visits, in total, to get it fixed. When the problem
returned after the 2nd tech visit, I had to do some online research on my
own to get to the root of the problem. I pointed out to them what I
believed, with a high level of confidence, to be the faulty component (a
wire that attached the power plug receiver on the back of the laptop to the
underside of the motherboard). Even once I had brought that to their
attention, they had to replace it twice before the problem was resolved. At
one point, they wanted to replace the motherboard, but I insisted that they
not do this, and eventually it was working again. Despite this hassle, if
something did go wrong with it, I think I'd rather have them deal with
it--if for no other reason than the ease with which they can get the proper
parts--even if it's not an ideal scenario.


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