Best Linux Laptop

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jan 7 13:35:31 MST 2013

On 01/07/2013 12:19 PM, John Nielsen wrote:
>>> You're certain you bought a Packard Bell?  They were often
>>> confused with other machines, like a Hewlett Packard machine, a
>>> Macintosh machine, a sewing machine, a scanner, an abacus and a
>>> deck of playing cards...
>> haha! I found a pic of the model I had:
>> I remember thinking how versatile it was being able to screw the
>> speakers into the monitor or leave them off to the side. The mouse
>> buttons were wavy which I took to be "modern". I convinced my mom
>> that getting our own modem from Ultimate Electronics would make AOL
>> exponentially faster. How times have changed.
> IIRC I had a similar machine in 2001 or so that I got secondhand (it
> was old even then) in use as a NAT gateway (with cable Internet!) for
> a while. Compile times weren't great (it ran FreeBSD) but it did the
> job. I must've been lucky to get one that was decently put together.

Didn't the author of the Dilbert cartoons get his original inspiration
from working for Packard Bell?  Or at least the inspiration for his
characters from people he encountered at that beleaguered company?

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