Best Linux Laptop

Daniel Fussell dfussell at
Mon Jan 7 11:11:13 MST 2013

On 01/07/2013 08:08 AM, Joshua Marsh wrote:
> Some of the companies and laptops with negative reviews in this post are
> interesting to me. I've owned and loved many of them. I've noticed this
> since I bought a Packard Bell back in '94 or so. My friends bashed the
> company and the product, but it worked great for me. I was even able to
> install a new modem despite them being sure it would never work. I wonder
> if it has to do with the user, a bad factory run, or fate. Maybe I'm just
> lucky.

You're certain you bought a Packard Bell?  They were often confused with 
other machines, like a Hewlett Packard machine, a Macintosh machine, a 
sewing machine, a scanner, an abacus and a deck of playing cards...

;-Daniel Fussell

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