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Jeff Nyman jnyman at
Mon Jan 7 10:48:26 MST 2013

Though brand means nothing of course (since none of the brands in this
> study except maybe Asus actually manufacture laptops), the fact that
> failure rates are about the same across the board means that to me,
> warranty becomes an important factor in my buying decision.  How long is
> the warranty, what does it cost, how effective is it, how easy is it to
> get warranty service, and how am I treated by those honoring the
> warranty.  A four-year warranty is pointless if you can't get it
> honored.  Especially as a mere civilian, and not a business customer.
> What are peoples' experiences with warranties on personal laptops?  Did
> you have to send them away?  Were you hassled?  Charged money when you
> shouldn't have been?  Excuses made for not honoring the warranty (you
> dropped it didn't you)?
That is the reason I buy thinkpads. I take them to VLCM in Orem and have
them back within 48 hours.

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