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Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jan 7 10:45:07 MST 2013

On 01/07/2013 09:46 AM, Richard Esplin wrote:
> A few years ago SquareTrade, who is a 3rd party warranty provider,
> published their results on laptop reliability over a three year
> period. Summary is that all manufacturers were bad. Within three
> years 1 in 3 laptops failed and even the best manufacturers had a
> failure rate of 1 in 10.

Though brand means nothing of course (since none of the brands in this
study except maybe Asus actually manufacture laptops), the fact that
failure rates are about the same across the board means that to me,
warranty becomes an important factor in my buying decision.  How long is
the warranty, what does it cost, how effective is it, how easy is it to
get warranty service, and how am I treated by those honoring the
warranty.  A four-year warranty is pointless if you can't get it
honored.  Especially as a mere civilian, and not a business customer.

What are peoples' experiences with warranties on personal laptops?  Did
you have to send them away?  Were you hassled?  Charged money when you
shouldn't have been?  Excuses made for not honoring the warranty (you
dropped it didn't you)?

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