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Jeff Jibson jeff.jibson at
Mon Jan 7 07:11:17 MST 2013

I will avoid HP like the plague.  I have a dv9000 that has been nothing but
trouble after the warranty expired.  It had a recall that I missed because
I had been careful with it.  The left hinge broke (the recall I missed).  I
fixed that.  The heatsink was poorly done so the solder joints melt and go
cold.  There is a company in FL that has fixed so many of these, they were
able to buy a microwave something to re-flow the solder.  I had to do that
and it lasted a year.  The ACPI in the BIOS is crap.  about 80% of my
kernels have not been able shutdown.  It goes mostly down but doesn't quite
make it.

For a smaller laptop, I have really like my Acer 1810t, especially after
putting in an SSD.  I use Gentoo, so I mount some stuff to the old drive
externally for compiling so I don't kill it with compiling.

On Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 2:22 PM, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:

> I love my T61p, but it's gotten a bit long in the tooth. What would you
> recommend as a replacement? My priorities are:
> - Linux compatibility
> - build quality
> - rocking warranty
> - high resolution screen
> Note that price and weight aren't major concerns. I'm willing to pay
> around $3000 if I can get high quality and a four year warranty. And I
> doubt anything will ever again tip the scales like my old HP zv5000.
> I've looked and looked but nothing available today seems to compare to
> the T61p. I have a 17" MBP for work and the build quality is decent, but
> the keyboard and trackpad are meh, and Apple's warranty options are only
> okayish not rocking. Lenovo's W540 looks decent but a step below my
> beloved T61p. Nothing from HP or Dell inspires me. What have I missed?
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