Any ideas for a topic this month?

Levi Pearson levipearson at
Sun Jan 6 13:52:33 MST 2013

On Jan 5, 2013 5:32 PM, "Steve Meyers" <steve-plug at> wrote:
> Anyone have anything they're dying to present on?

I wouldn't say I'm dying to present, but I have recently come back to doing
embedded Linux development, and I have become pretty familiar with the
Yocto Project, which aims to provide a general toolset for creation of
project-specific Linux distributions while maintaining a high degree of

It's based on OpenEmbedded, which had its genesis in the OpemZaurus project
and later provided the foundation for the Angstrom embedded distribution.
Yocto helped to make the core recipes of OpenEmbedded more general and
flexible, and they also provide a simple distribution called Poky that can
be used as-is, as a foundation to build on, or simply as an example of how
to develop a new distro.

I am not quite at expert level with it yet, but I have got familiar enough
to use it effectively. If people are interested, I would be willing to
share some of what I've learned.

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