Debian 6.0.6 and Encrypted LVM

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Sat Jan 5 14:01:40 MST 2013

I just installed Debian 6.0.6 on a desktop. Since the default partition
sizes are not what I want, and I want a separate /home, I decided to do
a manual partition process. I *though* I set it up with an encrypted
physical volume. But on rebooting the kernel never asks for a
passphrase. When I boot with a Finnix cd, it likewise does not ask for
a password for /dev/sda's volume.

* How do I tell if it is encrypted or not?

* If it isn't, can I add encryption now, or do I have to re-install?

* If I have to re-install, how do I get encryption?



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